I’m a python developer with over 3 years of experience that can deal with any discord bot ideas you could have in order to make your discord server better or just to simplify your life or business. I can add from basic functions such as modding and reporting to advanced functions such as returning web scrapping results, connections with big companies such as Twitch and Facebook and admin panels for any platform. I assure you a premium final product that will be able to complete your requested task and more.


I will:

  • Make a Discord bot using Python
  • Test and fix any bug .
  • Deliver the source code to you
  • Teach how to get the bot running in your server

I wont:

  • Provide Bot hosting


Some of the more requested functions are:

  • Logging
  • Chat moderation
  • API integrations
  • Search integrations
  • Database integrations
  • Moderation commands
  • Server protection
  • Reaction based interactions
  • Music bots
  • Message forwarding (email, telegram, or another discord server)

All in this list and much more can be done! There is no more time to waste and request your premium Discord bot with any feature!!

NOTE: Please DM me so we can discuss all the details